1月3日收到Droplr发来的邮件(见下文),被告知Droplr将取消free用户,全面转向收费模式,旧的Pro用户依然存在,但会提供一个转换方式到新的收费收费方式(精简版和专业版); free用户到下周将开始新的收费模式的30天的试用,试用结束后如没有开始转到新的付费模式,将不能再上传文件,但旧的文件依然可以做简单管理和分享,不会被删除。

Droplr是我除了Dropbox以外的一个文件存储分享工具/服务,其非常适合小的零散的文件分享和存储(文本片段、截图,单个配置文件等的临时分享),其便利的快捷键和拖拽式上传、剪贴版分享、截图分享等特色功能是吸引我的地方,目前在使用便利程度上,没有替代品。 不知道Droplr的收费模式是否可以行的通,但天下没有免费的午餐,如果费用不贵,可能我会继续用,毕竟 对于老用户有30%的终身折扣,而且还可以通过邀请等方式获得free的Pro收费版本使用权。 如果你想试用这款很有特色的文件分享工具,



Droplr began as an idea between two geeks who wanted an easy way to share files with each other. So we set aside some weekends and evenings and built an app that could do just that. Over the last few years what began as a simple free Mac App, has grown into a great company dedicated to creating the best possible way to share files.

As a Droplr user you’ve been a part of that journey. We can’t thank you enough.

Next week we will release some exciting new features to Droplr that we’ve been working on for a long time and that many of you have been asking us for. At that time, we will be discontinuing our free accounts. All current free accounts and new sign ups will be placed on a 30-day trial. At the end of 30 days, you’ll be asked to pay for a Droplr subscription if you’d like to continue using it. If you don’t want to pay, you won’t be able to upload any more files, but none of your existing data will be deleted, and all of your links will continue to work.

As a special thank you for being a Droplr user we are also going to offer you a 30% lifetime discount on any of our paid plans. We’ll have 2 plans to choose from, Droplr Lite and Droplr Pro. Additionally, we’ll be announcing a new referral program where you can earn Droplr Pro for free.

For those of you using this at work with your teams, we’ll also be announcing new business-level plans. We’ll be sharing more about all this in a following email in a few days.

We’re incredibly excited about our future. We’re extremely grateful to you for being a part of Droplr’s success. We hope that you’ll join us as we continue to build the future of file sharing.


Josh & Levi, Droplr Co-Founders